Call for reviewers: eArchiving specifications, procedures and guidelines

We are pleased to announce the opening of Group 2 of the 2020 –2021 review cycle of eArchiving specifications and supporting guidelines. Originally created by the E-ARK project, enhanced and stabilised by the E-ARK4ALL project, and now brought forward to the next level by the E-ARK3 project, these specifications are a core component of the CEF eArchiving Building Block. This second group consists of six specifications and the request for comments for version 2.2 of the SIARD standard. The review closes on the 17th of January 2021.

Further documentation will be made available for review in February 2021 and May 2021. Keep your eyes open and support the digital preservation community with your thoughts and opinions! Further details about the review as well as access to the draft documents are available here: Current reviews.

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